Coventry and Warwickshire Integrated Care System – working with George Eliot Hospital to develop volunteer support for patients on their journey to and from their communities and the hospital.

Locality Matters working alongside GEH and national charity Helpforce have developed and implemented a unique and successful programme designed to support patients on their journey to and from hospital.  The programme (The Back to Health Pathway) plays key part in GEH working more effectively in their local communities to address health inequalities and improve health outcomes. This being a critical role for GEH since the introduction of new structures supporting local health and care systems that came into place nationally in July 2022.  Specifically, the creation of Integrated Care Systems (Coventry and Warwickshire ICS) and Place Based Partnerships (Warwickshire North Place) that GEH are now significant members of.

The pathway aims to work with volunteers to support patients whilst they are waiting for diagnosis or treatment “Waiting Well”, whilst they are in hospital “Getting Well”, when they return home “Recovering Well” and to help through encouraging greater volunteering to build stronger, healthier communities – “Living Well”.  The programme has delivered significant measurable benefits in terms of reducing demand for health services, impact on hospital staff, impact on volunteers themselves and most critically improving health outcomes for patients that have been supported.

The programme has recently won a coveted national award for volunteering from Helpforce

Further information about the programme and what has been achieved over the first year of operation can be found here